Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When smack was a slap upside the head.

I can't recall all of the lyrics, but there is a song out there that longs for the old days when we could call things as they are. Am I the only one in this world that is thoroughly confused with todays lingo?
When someone told me to give them the lowdown, (or is it the downlow, it's all so confusing) I almost went to the basement to look for it. But I caught myself when I realized I didn't know what I would be looking for.
My feelings were really hurt one time when I wrote a poem that took all of my emotional being to write, and I shared it with a co-worker before letting my wife read it to see what he thought and he said, 'That was so bad man!!" almost made me give up on life! I was crushed.
Similarly when some one said "that was the bomb," Well blow me up!!
"What's shaking?" someone said, and I said 'an earthquake?
Now we have the (pardon the spelling here) fashizel schmisel drizzle etc. Are they looking for something to stir their drink?
What have you got?


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