Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Gitmo Spa and Resorts

This quote was taken from the Federalist Patriot, whom credited the Wall Street Journal with it.

"In the wake of London, the political attacks on Guantanamo deserve special mention here. That detention center is designed to hold precisely the kind of stateless, uniform-less terrorists who carry out such attacks. Clearly these men remain a threat, and we have to find somewhere to put them once they are captured so they can't return to kill more innocents. Senator Joe Biden and others who want to close Guantanamo have to tell us where they'd rather have such men detained, or why in the world they'd let them go before this war is over. Closing Guantanamo now strikes us as appeasement, pure and simple. Which brings us back to those G-8 leaders. The solidarity that existed after 9/11 splintered all too easily in the wake of Iraq, and it hasn't returned even though both Mr. Blair and President Bush have been re-endorsed by their electorates. France has been especially unwilling to let NATO play a larger role in Iraq, as if the main security threat to Europe isn't the terrorism that has its wellspring in the Middle East. Only yesterday al-Qa'ida's wing in Iraq claimed it had killed Egypt's ambassador to Baghdad and promised to kill 'as many ambassadors as we can.' The terrorists believe Iraq is the central battlefield in the war on terror, even if some in the West still don't. Perhaps the London bombings will inspire a new shared determination." --The Wall Street Journal"
I heard one of these critics of Gitmo who falls lockstep in with Biden and his liberal squats being interviewed on the radio last week. It was a pretty objective interview (I forgot whom the interviewer was, sorry) but when asked any question to try to define their view, it was like psychobabble. Nothing solid except to criticize those who are trying to guard these terrorists down there and not giving them enough basic human rights. Should we build a day spa for them? What aren't we doing that makes them not treated right as a terrorist should be treated?

The one question they absolutely stammered on was, 'OK, we close Gitmo, where do we put them now?' No one had an answer.

They have no solutions, rather just criticisms. Don't you think they could be more constructive perhaps?


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At least Kerry claimed to have a plan; criticism is something anyone can do...

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