Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rights for ILLEGAL Immigrants???

Makes me want to scream at these protestors. What part of illegal don't you understand?? What the hell is wrong with these protesting kids?

I would bet, if we put a man on the street, and asked these kids to explain to us what this hullaballoo is all about, they couldn't give us an intelligent honest answer. I would bet that if we drill down to their motives it would come down to two things;
  1. They just want an excuse from not going to class.
  2. They are being motivated by the likes of LULAC and other racist communistic groups.
We need to ask the schools that are teaching these kids if they are teaching them about the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Are they giving them examples of the good hard working immigrant families that did things correctly and legally. Ask those families how they feel about now giving special rights, giving them a shortcut to becoming legal.

But hey, we are being so unfair about all of this aren't we? How do we expect these illegal immigrants to come up with the fee of one thousand dollars over the period of six years to become legal? How insensitive is that?

I heard one of these kids say, they are not here to be criminals, they just want to work.

Consider this:
One third of the population of our federal prisons are illegal aliens. That makes you think that perhaps, since so many of these coming across illegally are victimizing themselves with these coyotes, that their efforts to do it legally would be easier, that you have to ask them why they do it that way? Could it be that they are criminals to begin with?

As far as the labor issue, I have a nephew, who chose construction as his profession. He loves it and chose to do that instead of going to college. He works hard when he gets the chance. He hangs wallboard, which is a touph job. Several days he goes without work because the contractors can hire these illegals to do it so much cheaper and not have to pay taxes etc. for them. They don't have to worry about paying their taxes or workmans compensation because even if they do get injured, they aren't going to claim it at work as they would be deported. But they will say they just had an accident and be a big drain on our social services.
They need to see, that they are victimizing themselves and that the efforts to do this illegally is so much more than to do it illegally.

I think we just need to criminalize it, secure our borders and help them get legal immigration status. Too much has been said about the illegals, how do we know they are not criminals or terrorists.

We already know from history that giving them clemency does not work. Reagan tried it during his administration. Two things happened. Hardly anyone took advantage of it, and more illegals came across our borders. We need to learn from our historic lessons.