Sunday, April 02, 2006

Out of pocket

Just when I posted for the first time in months, I have to leave the country for awhile. At the same time, our home computer's cable modem dumped on us and you know how cable service is, they can't get out for several days, and I don't feel comfortable sending servicemen to my house with my wife alone. So it will be a few weeks before I am fully back up and running but I do have a few ideas. (I am on dial up right now, I forgot how blessed we are to have high speed, brings back memories!!)
One of the things that prevent me, is I don't really get on the computer much at home, and the company (and they have every right to do this) has watched our Internet activity of late and several company wide warnings have been issued, so I'll abide by that, as unfortunately, I still need this paycheck thing. My wife likes it too!!!
Talk when I get back!!